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FY 23
(July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

December 13 iTravel Training Canceled (12/6/2022)
University Bursar Closed on Thursday December 8 (12/6/2022)
iTravel Online Booking Tool Training on December 13, 2022 (12/6/2022)
Reminder: UAFR Closed on Thursday, December 8 (12/5/2022)

UAFR Weekly Tips (11/30/2022)
Holiday Gathering Expense Policy Reminder (11/28/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (11/22/2022)
University Bursar November 2022 Spotlight on Payments to Students (11/17/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips  (11/16/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (11/10/2022)
PIER Group Catalog in iBuy Now Includes a Complete Line of IT Hardware & Software (11/9/2022)
Updates to 12.5.2 Expensed Lease or Housing Stipend for a Non-University Residence (11/7/2022)
iTravel Online Booking Tool Training on November 15, 2022 (11/7/2022)
FY23 Period 04 (October) Month-End Standard Finance Reports Available (11/7/2022)
iBuy 22.3 Release Upgrade Completed on Nov. 6 (11/7/2022)
New Policy Section (8.6.13) Postdoctoral Fellowship Payments (11/3/2022)
University Payroll & Benefits November Newsletter (11/2/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (11/2/2022)
Amazon is Back (11/1/2022)
Updated Resources for Service Activities (11/1/2022)

Open Comment Period: Section 15.4 University Motor Vehicles Policies (15.4.1 through 15.4.5) (10/26/2022)
Update to Policy Section (4.3.3 Process Employee Recognition Awards) (10/26/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (10/21/2022)
UPDATE: New Asset Search Query Available for FABweb/Biennial Inventory Users (10/20/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (10/19/2022)
System Government Costings October Facts and Reminders (10/19/2022)
New Asset Search Query Available for FABweb/Biennial Inventory Users (10/18/2022)
University Bursar: October 2022 Spotlight on GAR Online Payment Center (10/17/2022)
All-Day Professional Development Meeting (10/14/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (10/12/2022)
FY23 Period 03 (September) Month-End Standard Finance Reports Available (10/7/2022)
Upcoming Training Events from UAFR via Zoom (10/6/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (10/5/2022)
VSI Catalog Powered by B&H Photo Available in iBuy (10/5/2022)
New Policy Section (8.4.7 Electronic Codes for Human Subject Payments) (10/5/2022)
iTravel Online Booking Tool Training on October 11, 2022 (10/4/2022)
New FABweb Unit Rep Certificate Course Now Available (10/3/2022)
Procurement Diversity Quarterly Connection Newsletter (10/3/2022)

Biennial Inventory Policy Updates to 12.2.1 through 12.2.3 and Avoiding Property Accounting Problems (9/29/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (9/28/2022)
New FABweb Unit Rep Certificate Course Coming Soon (9/26/2022)
System Government Costing Monthly Facts and Reminders (9/21/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (9/21/2022)
Service Activity Advanced Certificate Track Open For Applications (9/15/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (9/14/2022)
FY23 Period 02 (August) Month-End Standard Finance Reports Available (9/8/2022)
iTravel Online Booking Tool Training on September 13, 2022 (9/7/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (9/7/2022)

UIC,UIS: New field on iBuy PO Change Request Form (8/31/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (8/31/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (8/24/2022)
Lodging Allowance Rates for Cook County and Washington, DC Effective October 1, 2022 (8/23/2022)
University Bursar: August 2022 Spotlight on Student Money Management Center (8/23/2022)
New Training and Development Resources Website is Live (8/18/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (8/17/2022)
System Government Costing August Facts and Reminders (8/17/2022)
University Payroll & Benefits Newsletter (8/16/2022)
Coming Soon: New Training and Development Resources Website  (8/12/2022)
Service Activity Advanced Certificate Track Open For Applications (8/10/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (8/10/2022)
Upcoming Training Events from UAFR via Zoom (8/9/2022)
FY23 Period 01 (July) Month-End Standard Finance Reports Available (8/9/2022)
Illinois Tollways Pay By Plate (8/5/2022)
UIC: FY23 Provisional Fringe Benefit Rates (8/4/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (8/3/2022)
REMINDER System-Wide Monitoring of External Consultants and Audit Service Providers (8/3/2022)
iTravel Online Booking Tool Training on August 9, 2022 (8/2/2022)
UIS: FY 2023 Fringe Benefit Rates (8/2/2022)
UIUC: FY 2023 Fringe Benefit Rates (Provisional) (8/2/2022)
FY22 Period 14 (June Final) Month-End Standard Finance Reports (8/1/2022)

UAFR Weekly Tips (7/28/2022)
Biennial Inventory Cycles and UAFR-Equipment Management Training via Zoom (7/28/2022)
University Bursar July Bulletin: Spotlight on Training, Resources and Contact Information (7/26/2022)
System Government Costings July Facts and Reminders (7/20/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (7/20/2022)
FY22 Period 12 (June) Month-End Standard Finance Reports (7/18/2022)
Reminder: A Detailed Business Purpose Reduces the Amount of Expense Report Rejections (7/15/2022)
iBuy will not be available on Friday, July 15 from 8 p.m. until 11 a.m. on Sunday, July 17. (7/14/2022)
Travel Industry Best Practices (7/14/2022)
FY22 Labor Encumbrances and Labor Redistributions (7/14/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (7/13/2022)
FY22 Period 12 (June) PRELIMINARY Standard Finance Reports  (7/11/2022)
Fiscal Year Updated for Chrome River Expense Report (7/11/2022)
Chrome River Tips and Tricks (7/7/2022)
UAFR Weekly Tips (7/6/2022)
iTravel Online Booking Tool Training on July 12, 2022 (7/6/2022)
Important Year-End Reminders for Journal Vouchers and Labor Redistributions (7/5/2022)
Mileage Reimbursement Rate Increase July 1, 2022  (7/1/2022)

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